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At this time I  would like to present to you the attached documents regarding the Right To Practice issue. The Executive stated a few years ago that we would keep you all up to date with the progress. These attached documents are where we are at with this procedure. You have not received anything before because we never had anything to present.

I apologize that these documents are not in French. They were suppose to be but we could not find a translator to get it done. If anyone would like to translate these and post the translated copy please do so. Keep in mind that we are just volunteers trying to represent all of you.

I hope to hear from all of you. You can post comments here for all to read or contact me personnally ckfinnamore@rogers.com.

I will be presenting these documents at the AGM.



Annual General Meeting


The AGM will be held on Thursday April 3rd, 2008 at 1pm at the Delta Beauséjour in Moncton, New Brunswick.

The meeting is following the Canadian Woodlands Forum Spring Meetings. You do not have to attend the CWF meetings in order to attend the AGM. If members do not wish to attend the CWF meetings they can also attend the Atlantic Heavy Equipment Show thursday morning then attend the AGM in the afternoon.

I am posting the Pre registration material for the CWF Spring Meetings for everyone to print off.

Pre Registration package for the CWF Spring Meetings.

Information pertaining to the AGM will be sent to all members either by e-mail or by regular mail shortly.

I hope to see you all at the Annual Meeting.


CWF Bio-energy Conference

September 16 – 17, 2008
Halifax, NS Canada
Westin Nova Scotian Hotel, Halifax, NS

Bio-energy: Developing Trends and New Opportunities or a Changing Forest Industry”

The Canadian Woodlands Forum (CWF) and the Canadian Bio-Energy Association (CANBIO) have teamed- up in 2008, and are pleased to announce one of Canada’s leading edge conferences on today’s hottest topic, “Bio-energy”. In cooperation with the Canadian Wood Fiber Center and FPInnovations, the conference will also feature special Science Technology session.

This two day event will take place on September 16-17, 2008 in conjunction with the Canadian Woodlands Forum flagship event DEMO International® 2008 scheduled for September 18-20, 2008.

The “Bio-energy: Developing Trends and New Opportunities for a Changing Forest Industry” conference will provide:
-Updates on the availability of biomass across the country, and the opportunity in Atlantic Canada;
Ÿ-The challenges in meeting supply and demand from both Crown Lands and private woodlots;
Ÿ-The ‘latest-thinking’ on the impacts of biomass harvesting on forest ecosystems;
Ÿ-The need to work towards a comprehensive policy framework and development of practical biomass harvesting guidelines;
Ÿ-The economics of biomass harvesting and capital investment in bio-energy processing;
Ÿ-An update on the latest bio-energy processing technologies;
Ÿ-The opportunities to meet current demands for both domestic and commercial use, and an update on emerging market trends.

The program will be of interest to woodlot owners, forest product companies, suppliers and manufacturers of equipment, logging and silviculture contractors, financial investment firms, government, research organizations and academia.

The program is slated to also include field excursions to existing facilities and woodlands operations, as well as the opportunity to see some of the latest technologies and equipment at the DEMO International® 2008 show, September 18-20, 2008.

For more information, please contact:
Bruce McCallum, CANBIO canbio@xplornet.com
Peter Robichaud, CWF probichaud@cwfcof.org

Download conference details by right clicking and saving this link:

CWF Bio-energy Conference

Testing Supervisor, STO R18, Full-time, $44,985.78 – $51,162.94

Sent in by Kim Mann from British Columbia:

Ministry of Forests and Range, The Tree Seed Centre (TSC), Surrey is responsible for registering, processing, testing, storing and distributing all forest tree seed to meet an annual 270 million plus Crown land seedling production program. This unique provincial centre is owned and operated by the Ministry of Forests and Range.

As the Testing Supervisor, you’ll be responsible for the very dynamic and fast-paced TSC testing business area. In this role, you’ll organize, supervise and conduct seed, cone, seedlot and request assessments and testing throughout the centre’s business steps, activities and decision points including seed/cone processing, registration, interim and long-term storage, production and distribution. Key responsibilities include ensuring that multiple and concurrent sampling, testing, inspection, analyses and reporting activities are completed in accordance with International rules, ministry policy and TSC standards. You’ll also ensure effective data and information management, resolve unusual or complex problems and provide technical expertise to centre staff, clients, contractors and students.

Additionally, you will supervise a team of regular staff, and prioritize daily, weekly and longer-term work assignments, set standards, assign resources, resolve problems and recommend improvements and be responsible for the laboratory infrastructure including supplies and equipment monitoring and safety.

To qualify for this important role, you bring a technical diploma or have graduated university in forestry, agriculture, horticulture or other related field, and you have 4+ years experience in a resource-related (i.e. forestry, water or agriculture) quality control, testing, processing and/or research environment. Alternatively, you have the equivalent combination of education and experience, such as 6 years related testing, processing or research environment experience and relevant on-the-job training courses. You also bring demonstrated experience working in a production environment with simultaneous work activities and quality control responsibilities and a minimum of 2 years experience supervising technical staff in a unionized environment.

For more information about the position’s responsibilities, qualifications/experience required, and how to apply, please go to http://employment.gov.bc.ca/index.php?view_posting=039729


The Annual General Meeting 2008 will be held concurrently with the Canadian Woodlands Forum Spring Meetings being held in Moncton on April 2-3, 2008. The exact day and time are still being worked out.

Please see the CWF Preliminary Announcement for details about accomodations.


The following Executive postions will need to be filled:

2nd Vice President, Secratary, Treasurer, Region Representatives for Regions 1, 2 & 3.

Chris Finnamore, CFT#109, President

Forestry In The News

I spend quite a bit of time reading about local forestry issues, so thought it would be a good idea to create a new feature on the site called ‘Forestry In The News’.

The way it works is random local news links appear at the top of the page each time it is loaded. You will have the choice of whether to click the link. Further, if you do not want the newswire to appear at the top, click the close located in the upper-right corner of the page. This will close the feed down.

I have purposely set this feature up in such a way so that there will be no commentary allowed on the articles. If you want to comment then follow the link to the source of the article and comment there.

Forest GIS Analyst Wanted

The Government of Canada is looking for a Forest GIS Analyst for the Fredericton Area:

Forest GIS Analyst

Department Name: Department of Natural Resources
Location: Fredericton, NB
Classification: PC – 01
Salary: $29,780 to $59,369
Closing Date: December 10, 2007 – 23:59, Pacific Time
Reference Number: RSN07J-008815-000175
Selection Process Number: 07-RSN-EA-099-122860-070
Employment Tenure: Sunset Term* – Full Time until March 31, 2010.
A pool of qualified candidates may be established and may be used to staff similar term and/or permanent positions.
Vacancies: 1

If you are interested you must apply online. Pass it on. Closing date is December 10, 2007.

Click here to apply

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