Ten Reasons to Join the NBFTA

Ten reasons to join the NBFTA

1. To become certified within the Association.

2. To be ready to meet the challenges of the future without having it forced on me.

3. To participate with others in my profession by pooling our ideas together to achieve our objectives.

4. To express my ideas towards as association which represents my thoughts.

5. To cooperate with my fellow technicians in expressing my views, and accepting other views, however different they may be.

6. To ensure that we continue to recognize the Forest Technician as the professional he/she truly is.

7. To give back to forestry a little of what it has given me and my family, maybe for generations of giving.

8. To become accountable to myself as well as to others.

9. To promote camaraderie within our profession.

10. To be able to participate in Continuing Forestry Education which will be offered to members of the Association.

author: Claude Chiasson, CFT ©1999

Welcome to the NBFTA

Welcome to the New Brunswick Forest Technicians Association. I invite you to browse through our new site and visit some of the links that we have made available to you. This site will provide you the opportunity to communicate with other techs, see what jobs may be available, and to read our newsletter ‘The Azimuth‘.

We have now switched to a blog format. This will allow us to speak to members and better disseminate information in a timely fashion. Also members will be able to speak to other members through here.

By default, everyone is granted subscriber status. This will allow you to comment on individual blog entries. If you would like to have ‘author privileges‘ for the site please contact me with the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Affiliation
  • Information you wish to share

Once this information is received, the association will process your request in a timely fashion.

One of our objectives is to provide one voice on forestry issues as they relate to Forest Technicians. The best way for your voice to be heard is to join us and we will be heard across the land.

Todd MacPherson, CFT

MFRS 1992

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