Good Afternoon,

At this time I  would like to present to you the attached documents regarding the Right To Practice issue. The Executive stated a few years ago that we would keep you all up to date with the progress. These attached documents are where we are at with this procedure. You have not received anything before because we never had anything to present.

I apologize that these documents are not in French. They were suppose to be but we could not find a translator to get it done. If anyone would like to translate these and post the translated copy please do so. Keep in mind that we are just volunteers trying to represent all of you.

I hope to hear from all of you. You can post comments here for all to read or contact me personnally ckfinnamore@rogers.com.

I will be presenting these documents at the AGM.



One thought on “RIGHT TO PRACTICE Draft Documents”

  1. Just wondering if anyone has considered having a woodlot owner as part of the Board of Governors for the NB Society of Forest Practitioners? I realize there are already 7 members as is, however I thought that the woodlot owners would have an interest in the society as well.



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